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Issue 1

Issue 1: Editorial

Spread the Love of Sci Fi

Welcome! It is a pleasure to present our inaugural issue.

This is a good place and time to address some question many readers would have in the back of their minds. Why science fiction and fantasy? What do we mean by ‘An Indian Experience’? How would Adbhut be one? Why here? Why now?

Though after so many whys, one is tempted to retort with a short – why not, a short answer to all these questions would be, to ‘ignite minds’.

Fiction is always bound by the cocoon of human existence. Stories of people like us in conditions any one of us could have been in. Stories of ordinary people and extra-ordinary circumstances or vice versa. Of agony and of pain. Of our beliefs and our disdain. Of laughter and of love. Of separation and of home. Freedom to put any human in any condition and then spin a tale around it. Yet, that limits fiction to experiences of the author. A limitation that science fiction and fantasy breaks for us.

Adbhut hopes to be more than stories with characters having ‘Indian’ names rather than ‘Western’ names. Stories based in our everyday lives. Stories spun from the imaginations of people soaring from the cultural and social context of India. A space on the World Wide Web where people who live and love the culture can tell the tales they have to tell without their creativity being bound by limitations of cultural context.

Hence, Adbhut!

However, the World Wide Web does not know any boundaries. What we publish here would be read by anyone, anywhere who can read and understand this language and that is the challenge. To build on our context and yet present it such that someone from outside the context can enjoy it and along the way learn a thing or two about us.

As it has been the power of imagination that has lifted many out of hopeless or ordinary existence to reach out and be among the legends. This is our small contribution to nurture the ever-expanding creativity of human mind. How successful we would be in our venture is something future will tell us. In the meantime, we shall try our best and enjoy whatever we read along the way.

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Spread the Love of Sci Fi
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