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Issue 2

Issue 2: Editorial

Spread the Love of Sci Fi

Welcome to the second issue of Adbhut!

We got a good amount of feedback from our readers. Most of them appreciated our efforts and our format and expressed their desire to come back to read the subsequent editions.

There are quite a few online story-based websites. When building Adbhut, we did not want to create a yet another submit-and-publishing website.

There are two related issues:

  1. Quality and focus of the content. We had to make sure that whatever gets put up is true to the objectives of Adbhut. It was decided that the editors will work closely with the author and try to present their work in the best way we can on Adbhut.
  2. Periodicity rather than Continuity. Unlike the common trend, we did not want to add new material and keep appending to a list or index of stories. It seemed very unfriendly towards a returning reader. Thus we modelled Adbhut and its layout as a paper publication which is released periodically

Hope you enjoy reading this issue too. As always, comments are welcome!

From This Issue:

A Request: Support

Time and effort has gone into the creation of Adbhut. Consider supporting us so we can onboard more Sci Fi writers onto our platform. Anyway, thankful for all the support.

Spread the Love of Sci Fi
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