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Issue 3

Issue 3: Editorial

Spread the Love of Sci Fi

Happy New Year and welcome to the third issue of Adbhut!

One of the categories of science fiction written is one that is based on current scientific knowledge. Some works of Larry Niven and Arthur C. Clarke fall in this category. Sometimes, such stories are a good source of information for the public about some curious and new scientific facts.

In this issue, we present a work in the similar category, ‘The Neutrinos are coming! The Neutrinos are coming!’ Reading like a social commentary, the science is looming large in the background for this story.

The other story, Hathoda (Hindi for Hammer) is a very short one but hits as hard as its name.

Hope you enjoy reading this issue too. As always, comments are welcome!

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Spread the Love of Sci Fi
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