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Hathoda (The Hammer) By Sudarshan Purohit |
Issue 3

Hathoda (The Hammer) By Sudarshan Purohit

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Grandpa always tells the funniest stories.

Like when he used to tell me about the ‘Air-o-planes’ they had in the old days. They used them to go from place to place. Grandpa says they used to be the fastest way of ‘moving’, because in those days, before the Hammer fell, you had to move your body to the new place, along with your mind, to actually be there.

Somehow Grandpa doesn’t approve of the new way of doing things, although I think they make more sense.

“People were noble then,” he says. “We held our heads high, lived our lives the way we wanted, and died when our time was up. Not like you do nowadays. I’m ashamed to think of you people being descended from us.”

Dad says Grandpa is wrong. He says we all aren’t actually descended from him, we’re ‘mewtasions’. I don’t know what it means, but he says the Hammer did that.

Grandpa looks kind of odd. His eyes stare at me out his wrinkled face with a kind of scorn. He’s always kind of hunched up in the same place on his bed, never goes anywhere. I guess he couldn’t go anywhere even if he wanted to.

My friends at the school ask me what he is like and then they don’t understand it when I describe him. I guess that is because there are so few of his kind left.

My friends don’t understand why the old kind of folks just stop moving and then become useless for anything. They don’t even have any nutrients or memories to be absorbed, they just start to smell.

It was just today, that Grandpa tried to explain to me how they used ‘telefones’ to talk to each other. How he wished he had one of those left, to talk to any friends of his.

But it wouldn’t be possible now, I suppose.

I was getting late, so I quickly formed a ‘bye’ shape on my chest (Grandpa doesn’t have the feelers on the ends of his fronds like the rest of us do), and slithered out of the door-slot.

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A software professional, Sudarshan was born and brought up in India and currently works in the city he grew up in - Poona, India.