Science Fiction and Fantasy | An Indian Experience

Month: March 2004

The Stubborn Corpse By Ramarao Vadapalli

“Bastards! They must have phoned up even after eating the green backs and getting their palms greased!” the truck driver burst out spewing mouthfuls of the choicest and most powerful abuses against the double-crossing police constables. The road was almost…

Issue 5: Editorial

In this issue, we present a translated story. It is a ‘fantasy’, that was originally written in Telgu with Sanskrit intermingled. The Stubborn Corpse tells the tale of a corpse that, one day manifests itself in the middle of a…

Sins of Our Fathers By A R Yngve

“I don’t believe in karma, father.” “Is that so?” “Don’t start again. Please.” “It is your karma to marry, son. Can’t argue with that.” There he goes again, Arrihant thought. Over and over, repeating the same old phrases. Why can’t…

Issue 4: Editorial

In this issue, we present a story whose seeds were sown in a social crisis of present-day India and a scaring look at the future it can lead to. As usual, feedback and comments are welcome! From This Issue: