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Issue 7

Issue 7: Editorial

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A reader contacted us wondering, why Adbhut was just an “India Experience” and not had a “utopian outlook”.

A story joins two worlds. One world, where it was written in and the other where it takes a reader. The world where a fantasy or science fiction takes us is the author’s prerogative. Where the story comes from is often decided by the publishing journal or magazine.

Many Indian writers (especially the new and budding ones) who write around Indian social, historic and cultural context do not have access to the worldwide forum. There aren’t many forums that have an audience who would identify from where these stories come from.

In these contexts, Adbhut is an ‘India Experience’. An attempt at promoting Indian Fantasy and Science Fiction and promoting Fantasy and Science Fiction in India.

After all, as the reader remarked, these are “no one’s prodigy”.

As usual, feedback and comments are welcome!

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