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Issue 13

Issue 13: Editorial

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Today is Kartik Krsna Paksa ki Chaturthi, 2061 Vikrami.

Chaturthi, the 4th day; Krsna Paksa, the new moon side; Kartik, the 8th month; 2061 Vikrami and 2061 solar years since Raja Vikramaditya of Ujjain logged in a victory in a war.

Or the 1st day; November, the 11th month and 2004 solar years since the start of Common Era.

It is just a date that difference calendar standards attach different values to. But for us at, it is bit more than just another date. It is the start of our second year!

Since inception, we have published stories and articles by a dozen authors. We are inching towards our dream and promoting Sci-fi and Fantasy in India and promote Indian Sci-fi and Fantasy.

We have hardly done much on the other dream. Promotion of Science in India and Indian Science. In this issue, we try to make up for the lost time. We are proud to present interviews with three Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar (SSB) Awards winners for year 2004. In following editions, we hope to interview more winners. Also, we have an interview with respected, late Dr. Raja Ramanna, taken few years ago.

Sudarshan is back with another installment of his Hathoda series. Dr Srinarahari congrats on completing one year, but is sceptic based on his experience with disappearing Sci-fi magazines.

Hope you enjoy our 13th edition. As usual, feedback and comments are welcome!

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