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Issue 15

Issue 15: Editorial

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Indian Ocean Tsunami hit countries along the Indian Ocean rim. While it warned us that nature still is in control, it also reminded us that nature does not identify countries and other human divisions. Its benefit and fury strike all, as one.

The safety of old tribes in islands of Andaman and Nicobar reminds us that staying in tune with nature is not a rocket science and need to be part of our daily life and common sense. Unfortunately it is decreasingly low.

The Tsunami has brought people living around the Hind Mahasagar (Indian Ocean) together, reminding them of commonality and hope what started in a tragedy, continues in friendship.

One week before the waves hit Pondicherry, a conference on Science Fiction was in progress. In this issue, we bring you a report.

I also apologise for the delay in publication of this issue.

Hope you enjoy reading this issue too. As always, comments are welcome!

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