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Taramba by Bijoykumar Singh Tayenjam |
Issue 25

Interview With Shri Bijoykumar Singh Tayenjam

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On behalf of Adbhut, Dinker Charak interviewed Shri Bijoykumar Singh Tayenjam via email. We thank him for taking time out to talk to us.

Has Did Sci-fi take off in India? If yes, what makes you believe so? If no, will it ever?

I believe Sci-fi did really take off in India. Our Epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are full of episodes that can put any contemporary Sci-fi to shame.

Is Sci-fi a “western” concept? If yes, will it always be considered so and be seen as something that was imported? If you believe that some ways it is and in some ways it is not, do you see a struggle between “western” and “Indian” for readership?

My answer to this question is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The contemporary Sci-fi may be a western concept. I have already pointed out we have our own version of Sci-fi, the Epics. As long as the Sci-fi is good it is immaterial to the readers whether it is ‘western’ or ‘Indian’. I do not see any struggle between ‘western’ and ‘Indian’ for readership.

Has writing (and reading) Sci-fi increased a scientific outlook in your life? What comes first — scientific outlook and then love of sci-fi or love of sci-fi and then scientific outlook?

Writing and reading Sci-fi makes me more imaginative. While writing Sci-fi, one has to have a precise knowledge of what he is doing and expand his thought beyond the normal perception. Writing Sci-fi does not necessarily mean, one can write whatever comes in his mind. Certain principles and logics have to be followed.

I think scientific outlook comes first and then love of Sci-fi. However, it may not be necessarily of this order for everyone. It can be the other way around also.

How does Sci-fi differ from ordinary fiction?

The distinction between Sci-fi and ordinary fiction is not clearly marked when it comes to writing. It is only in the finished products, the readers see the difference.

Is a certain level of intelligence needed for an appreciation of Sci-fi?

Intelligence is required for appreciating both Sci-fi and ordinary fictions. For appreciating Sci-fi, one has to have a clear scientific concept of everything around him while for appreciating ordinary fiction, scientific concept may not be that important.

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