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Interview With Shri Bimal K. Srivastava
Issue 25

Interview With Shri Bimal K. Srivastava

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On behalf of Adbhut, Dinker Charak interviewed Shri Bimal K. Srivastava via email. We thank him for taking time out to talk to us.

Has Did Sci-fi take off in India? If yes, what makes you believe so? If no, will it ever?

I think Sci-fi in India may take some more time before it can be considered as taking off. I don’t think there are many contributors, and may not be many magazines in the field as on date. However, may be after a few more years we may see bright light.

Is Sci-fi a “western” concept? If yes, will it always be considered so and be seen as something that was imported? If you believe that some ways it is and in some ways it is not, do you see a struggle between “western” and “Indian” for readership?

A fiction is a fiction. There cannot be Western fiction or Indian fiction or Asian or African fiction. The only thing that matters is whether we are presenting the fiction in Indian context or in western context. I feel that an ideal Sci-fi should be with a balanced approach i.e. some fiction should be in Indian context and some in western context.

Has writing (and reading) Sci-fi increased a scientific outlook in your life? What comes first — scientific outlook and then love of sci-fi or love of sci-fi and then scientific outlook?

Yes, it definitely has the capability to increase scientific outlook in one’s life. I also feel that some amount of scientific outlook is necessary for enjoying sci-fi.

How does Sci-fi differ from ordinary fiction?

Any fiction that includes some extent of principles of science can be treated as a Sci-fi.

Is a certain level of intelligence needed for an appreciation of Sci-fi?

Instead of calling it “intelligence”, I will say that certain level of Science is needed an appreciation of Sci-fi.

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