Science Fiction and Fantasy | An Indian Experience

Month: January 2006

Mirror Image! By Dr. M H Srinarahari

“Hi!” exclaimed she. “What happened? Asha,” responded Sowmya after a while. “Mum, come and see for yourself. You will be surprised about what you are going to watch on the web.” Asha was browsing one of the Indian websites. She…

Guleil: Part 4 – Leg(omenon), The Last Word – A Serialised Novel By Som Nandivada

“My game! Mine! Eeeee…YYaaaaHH” Da.da.da.da.da.da…. Pound.Bang!!!! Matka was a game they played on ship for the whiling away of the time. Lizzie liked Matka. She managed to beat Dik at it once in a way. Mostly though he bludgeoned his…

Issue 27: Editorial

In this edition, we bring the fourth part of the serialized novel, Guleil. Dr Srihari is back with a wonderful story. Hope you enjoy this issue and as always, feedback is welcome! From This Issue: