Science Fiction and Fantasy | An Indian Experience

Issue 20

Gauri’s Story By Sudarshan Purohit

[Note 1: The following story is an extract from a larger work, tentatively entitled Agni Rakshasa, that Sudarshan is working on.] [Note 2: The word dev, used in the following story to refer to ghosts and captive spirits, is a colloquialism used by…

“It Happened Tomorrow” – Edited by Bal Phondke – A Review by Nandini Pandya

I came across this book while browsing the catalog of books published by National Book Trust. I have no idea if the book is available in local bookstores. However, it is carried by, a US-based online seller of books…

Issue 20: Editorial

When Nandini shared her views on Sudarshan’s essay on why there is no Sci-fi in India, I requested her to write an article about her views. She chose to do it by writing a review of an anthology she had recently read….