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The Strange Story Of A Repaired Dog By Dr. Kumar Arunachalam

A perfect stranger, tall and young, walked up to me purposefully, and extending a hand asked, “Dr Kumar?” “Yes sir, I am.” “I need some help.” So saying he sat himself next to me. He seemed quite edgy and uptight….

Two Pigeons and the Island By Daya Dissanayake

“Is that an island over there?” Mayura asked the waiter. “That’s the Pigeon Island.” “Why? Do you have a lot of pigeons on the island?” Manori wanted to know. “There had been many pigeons in the past, but not any…

The Prophecy by Bijoykumar Singh Tayenjam

It was a moonless night. Kanta, a small-time thief, was speeding alone fast on his bike, a sleek red Hero-Honda, along a long stretch of a deserted road leading away from the seashore after disposing off his booty at a…

Issue 1: Editorial

Welcome! It is a pleasure to present our inaugural issue. This is a good place and time to address some question many readers would have in the back of their minds. Why science fiction and fantasy? What do we mean…