Science Fiction and Fantasy | An Indian Experience

Issue 23

Interview With Shri Som Nandivada

On behalf of Adbhut, Dinker Charak interviewed Shri Som Nandivada via email. We thank him for taking time out to talk to us. Has Did Sci-fi take off in India? If yes, what makes you believe so? If no, will…

Guleil: Part 2 – Corpus from a Nimbus – A Serialised Novel By Som Nandivada

Lizzie, she was a refurb job; as of course were all pipers in a general sense. But she was particularly so. She had the carry-over trait in excess. On this trip too, she carried over deja vu remnants from prior…

Issue 23: Editorial

In this edition, we bring the second part of the serialized novel, Guleil. As always, all feedback is welcome. From This Issue: